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The Many Pizza Crusts of Connie’s Pizza

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In 1963, Jim Stolfe made a life-changing decision and traded his 1962 Olds Starfire for a small pizza place on Chicago's South Side. That small pizza place soon became the home to the original Connie's pizza. Over the years, the classic family recipes and the dedication to guests helped evolve Connie's pizza to become Chicago's favorite pizza.


Connie's Middleweight Crust

Our middleweight crust is just how it sounds- it's the happy medium between thin crust and deep dish. The middleweight crust is the Connie's original panned pizza and helped make Connie's a Chicago favorite. Over 50 years ago, Jim Stolfe started serving this delicious crust and the family hasn't been able to stop since!


Deep Dish/ Stuffed Crust

The deep dish style pizza is truly Chicago- just like Connie's. The thick, flakey, buttery crust serves as the base for a pizza piled high with goodness. At Connie's we stick with the Chicago tradition. First, we start with the crust, and then assemble everything a little bit backwards. After the crust comes delicious mozzarella cheese followed by your choice of toppings and our classic sauce. Our legendary deep dish is so good that it has been features at numerous festivals and sporting events throughout the Chicagoland area.


In our delicious stuffed crust pizza, our homemade crust is filled with mozzarella cheese then baked with a thin layer of dough and pizza sauce on the top. Also available, is the original "26th Street Style" pizza with sauce in the middle and no sauce on top.


Thin Crust/ Artisan Crust

Connie's thin crust pizza is the thinnest crust option for Connie's lovers. Our thin crust pizza is made with our famous dough which is rolled out thin, then cooked in one of our custom thin crust pans. When it comes out of the over it is cooked to a thin, crispy perfection.


Our artisan crust is another perfectly constructed pizza. The hand-tossed fluffy dough is hearth-baked which leaves the pizza tender and fluffy on the inside but with a delicious, light crunch on the outside.