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Connie’s Pizza History

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It all started back in 1963, times were changing and to keep up with the times, Jim Stolfe exchanged his ’63 Oldsmobile Starfire for a small pizza-joint on 26th Street in the South Side of Chicago. From this humble past grew a Chicago tradition.


Connie’s Chicago Pizza Tradition

Connie’s pizza is a brand that has become a Chicago tradition. We’ve built this tradition on honest family values, hard work and commitment to cooking with the freshest ingredients possible. Over the years our classic family recipes have brought joy to the stomachs and homes of many. We take pride in the fact that quality is the main ingredient in everything we do. It’s because of these standards that Connie’s Pizza has grown to be the pizza to eat in the city of Chicago.


Over 45 years of Chicago Pizza!

Over the last 45 years, our team has built the Connie’s Pizza brand into an experience known for its high quality and service. Now, we have 5 locations serving Chicago, but our restaurants aren’t the only place you can find delicious Connie’s Pizza. From different vendors to being the top-selling pizza at The Taste of Chicago for 10 out of our 11 years of participation, Connie’s Pizza is a Chicago brand that continues to grow.


Connie’s Pizza welcomes visitors and locals alike!

Our restaurants have become an icon for visitors to Chicago, as we have a restaurant at the City’s most popular tourist site, Navy Pier, and Chicago’s premier convention center, McCormick Place.  In addition to those locations you can find our brand at full-service restaurants in all throughout Chicago-land from Westmont to Naperville and all the way down to Orland Park.